10 Tips To Stay Healthy This Summer

Stay Healthy This Summer

Well, Summer is the best season for all, which includes outdoor freaks like us too. But if you don’t take care in the hot sun then it will ruin your fun and all your summer plans. Follow these 10 tips to Stay Healthy This Summer.

Here are 10 Tips to Stay Healthy this Summer

1. Protect Yourself from the UV Rays

Always apply sunscreen when going outdoors for enjoyment in the sun. Sun feels good on your skin after the winters but too much sun isn’t good for the skin. Sunscreen helps slow down the skin’s aging process and protects you from skin cancer. You can also apply Aloe Vera Gel if you get sunburned. Growing an Aloe Vera plant in your back garden is very simple. The Gel cools and heals the skin naturally.

2. Stay Cool and Hydrated

You should drink plenty of water in summers in order to keep your body hydrated and working properly. During exercise and outdoor activities at least take 2 to 4 glasses (250 ml). You can carry water with you in a Plastic Container which keeps it cold. We need more liquid in hot weather so increase your water intake accordingly.

3. Be Active

Starting a new outdoor activity will really help in those long lazy hot days. Choose more physically demanding activities over things like floating in a pool to burn more calories. The longer days of summer are an advantage as you get more time out. Activities like swimming, hiking, cycling or just a walk in your neighborhood park will be great fun. 

4. Consume Foods that are Cool and Light

High-Calorie drinks like Sodas, heavy smoothies, juices, alcohol and sugared ice teas will add unwanted extra calories.  Instead eat light, small frequent meals. Heavy meals and drinks can cause a lot of heat in the body because of the amount of fats and carbs in them.

5. Stay Clean and Dry

During the hot weather, skin rashes are common in both children and adults because of the excessive sweat generated by the body in heat. Take more baths, don’t wear sweaty clothes for too long and always wear loose and cotton clothing.

6. Avoid Outside Food

Food Poisoning and diarrhea are very common in the summers because food gets spoiled very quickly in the heat if it is not properly stored. Go for healthier snacks instead of street food.

7. Take Your Supplements

Don’t forget to take your Vitamins for giving you a boost for the physically demanding summer activities.  Try to add Vitamin D (can become low because sunscreen blocks the UV rays which gives us natural vitamin D), B-Complex Vitamins (great for our brain and the nerves, also an energy booster), Vitamin C and E (very good for the skin and help in boosting our immune system), Omega 3s (good for heart, cognitive and joint function) in your diet in summer to stay healthy and fit.

8. Don’t Forget to Eat Watermelon

By far the best food for summer!  It’s low in calories and it fills you up because its 92 percent water, which helps you keep, hydrated. Watermelon is also very good for losing weight.

9. Relax and Take Time out 

Take a break from your work or your work will break you!!!!!   Relax and enjoy your summertime with your friends, kids and family by planning a fun trip together whether it may be camping, playing at the river or just a relaxing beach vacation.  

10. Get Plenty of Rest During Vacations

It might be fun to take advantage of the sightseeing, playing on the beach, swimming in the lake and staying out late, but don’t forget to give your body plenty of rest. Don’t overburden your body. Plan your activities accordingly, take your full night’s sleep and avoid overeating later in the day. Proper rest time will help you enjoy your vacation.


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