Homeopathic Remedies for Earache

Homeopathic remedies for earache

Earache is a very common problem, known by every parent, child or adult. Mostly an Earache is caused by a minor infection in the ear canal. Homeopathic remedies for earache are very effective in providing relief to your ear pain.

Generally, it goes away on its own without any medical treatment. But sometimes this pain is really hard to bear and you have to take action and eliminate the pain. 

It feels like a dull, sharp and burning pain inside your ear. You may feel a pressure inside your ear. One or both ears can get infected.

Occasionally, when you get a cold it may extend in the ear and cause an earache. The warmth from a hot water bottle or propping up the head may relieve the pain.

Effective Homeopathic Remedies for Earache


  • Sudden earache after a chill and exposure to cold
  • Ear becomes red hot, painful
  • Better from warm applications


  • Sudden onset particularly when the right ear is affected
  • Patient has a dry, flushed face,
  • Dry and burning skin
  • Restless and thirstless


  • Patient is oversensitive and intolerant of pain which makes for extreme irritability and even rudeness
  • The person needing Chamomilla is never calm
  • Sometimes one side of the face especially the cheek is red and hot, while the other pale and cold
  • Pain is worse from warm applications

Ferrum Phos

  • This is the most commonly indicated homeopathic remedy for the early stages of an earache
  • The proving symptoms are not very distinctive, but the remedy has proved to be very helpful in the beginning stage of inflammation such as occurs in an ear infection

Hepar Sulph

  • Person is worse from any draft
  • Wants to be well covered
  • Is irritable
  • Complains of stitching pains
  • Sensitive to touch

Kali Muriaticum (potassium chloride)

  • Earache with loss of hearing or low hearing
  • Cracking type noises on blowing the nose and swallowing
  • Person has a stuffy-sensation in the ear and the ear feels closed
  • Kali Mur is also indicated when the patient’s hearing is impaired after the earache has subsided

Magnesia Phosphorica

  • This is a nerve remedy
  • Earache starts from exposure to cold wind and not from an infection
  • The right ear is most often affected
  • Pain is worse from washing face and neck in cold water
  • The strongest characteristic is relief from warmth


  • Earache starts from a change in weather or when the weather becomes Damp
  • Worse at night
  • Patient is sweaty and feels sick
  • An enlarged, soft and loose tongue shows an imprint of teeth on the edges
  • There is a lot of saliva and bad breath


  • Redness and swelling in the external ear
  • Severe throbbing pain and ear feels as if they are stopped up
  • Worse from warmth and from becoming overheated
  • Worse in the evening and at night
  • Patient craves fresh air and is often weepy


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