Get Motivated: The Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

Benefits of outdoor exercise

The technologically advanced world that we live in has transformed our lifestyle and almost every activity now is being done indoor. This change in lifestyle has really affected our health. The benefits of outdoor exercise are too many as compared to indoor activities. There are many outdoor sports activities that are being done indoors now. Almost all exercises are being done indoors. Today we find more and more people are doing aerobic workouts in front of their TV sets by watching movies and simulated video game systems. These things do sound really cool and look great but it can’t be compared to the benefits you are missing by exercising indoors instead of outdoors. There are many factors that the indoor world can hardly beat.

Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

It’s Totally Free

The top benefit of outdoor exercise is that it’s totally free. There is no membership fee for working out in the sun, like you would have to pay at the gym or fitness center. But walking, jogging or cycling outside won’t cost you anything. There is more free space, fresh air and freedom outside unlike most fitness centers that are tight in space.

Get Sunlight and Vitamin D

Working out outdoors gives you an extra boost of energy because you are exposed to direct sunlight which is the best natural source of vitamin D. It can also be a great stress reliever. Vitamin D makes our bones strong and strengthens our immune system. Some studies have shown that vitamin D fights cancer as well.

Get Fresh Healthy Air 

The best thing about exercising outdoors in the fresh air that you won’t find indoors. Everyone agrees that it is always better to breathe fresh air instead of the smelly gym air full of sweat. It’s always better to enjoy exercising in the natural fresh air instead of smelling someone’s sweat in the gym.

Outdoor Exercise Burns More Calories

Some Outdoor exercises help burn more calories since it requires a great effort to beat the ground forces and also environmental factors like wind, cold, heat and the different types of terrain. A bike ride uphill on the mountain or going for a hike is definitely more strenuous than a jog on a treadmill. More muscles and efforts will be needed for these activities as a result it burns more calories.

It’s Fun and Relieves Stress

Exercising outdoors will make us happy, make our minds fresh and free from depression. Working out in the gym may be very boring for some. The constant change in scenery outdoors helps keep our mind fresh and enhances our mood.


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